Looking for an exciting and unique way to thank your clients?

Look no further than The Cave!!

The Cave’s private events (the whole facility is only open to you and your clients) are designed to challenge and reward your clients!

Besides being a fun way to thank your clients, our unique event customization allows your particular needs and objectives to be represented in the nature of the event. Every event at The Cave is special and can involve tasks, games, and challenges built to engage and reward your clients.

What you get!

  • 2 hours of private climbing and games for your event
  • Full use of our event room
  • All plastic and paper products
  • Catered lunch (Multiple options available)
  • Two event specialists to guide and help throughout the entire event
  • FREE day passes for You and your Team to use after the event
  • Customized event schedule suited to you

Contact us today to schedule your next Client thank you Adventure!