Firstly we want to thank our members, community, family, and friends for the supportive emails, direct messages, and donations that we’ve received over the past few weeks. Knowing that we mean so much to our extended climbing family is what keeps us going, and it’s truly hard to put our appreciation into words.

As I’m sure your aware, Governor Wolf has mandated that, among other measures, the extended closure of all non essential businesses until April 30th. This means that The Cave will remain closed until at least that date. While this date has moved previously we are cautiously optimistic we will be able to reopen on May 1st. As always, we will share any further information we receive directly with you via our Facebook and Instagram account.

For Recurring Members:
Your support is what makes it possible for a small, family-owned business like The Cave to keep its doors open.

Currently we are unable to freeze or cancel memberships automatically however we will gladly do so upon request. If you have been charged for your membership and would like a refund we will process it immediately after letting us know. Please contact us at and we will take care of it asap.

If you are willing and able to keep your membership active, your support will go along way helping us open back up at full strength. All membership fees will go directly to pay the hard costs of running the business.

To our members that have graciously kept their memberships active. The whole Cave team cannot expressive our gratitude enough.

For those members, we will be offering you all something special as soon as we reopen. Whether that be another month free, private classes, extra guest passes, Cave swag, or some combination, we will show our thanks in some way.

For Prepaid Members:
For our March prepaid members we will prorate your membership to credit you for the days we are closed. Please be sure to let us know about your March membership when we reopen so we can ensure you are credited properly.

For Classes and Parties:
If you were signed up for a class, or scheduled a party you should have already received an email concerning your booking. If you have any other questions or concerns please reach out to us directly at

We will see you soon!
The Cave Crew